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Descriptor English:   Transurethral Resection of Prostate 
Descriptor Spanish:   Resección Transuretral de la Próstata 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Ressecção Transuretral da Próstata 
Synonyms English:   Contact Laser Ablation of Prostate
Microwave Thermotherapy, Transurethral
Prostate Resection, Transurethral
Prostate Resections, Transurethral
Prostate Transurethral Electroresection
Prostate Transurethral Electroresections
Prostate Transurethral Electrovaporization
Prostate Transurethral Electrovaporizations
Prostate Transurethral Resection
Prostate Transurethral Resections
Prostate Transurethral Vaporesection
Prostate Transurethral Vaporesections
Prostatectomies, Transurethral
Prostatectomy, Transurethral
Resection, Transurethral Prostate
Resections, Transurethral Prostate
Thermotherapies, Transurethral
Thermotherapy, Transurethral
Thermotherapy, Transurethral Microwave
Transurethral Electroresection of Prostate
Transurethral Electrovaporization of Prostate
Transurethral Microwave Thermotherapy
Transurethral Needle Ablation of Prostate
Transurethral Prostate Resection
Transurethral Prostate Resections
Transurethral Prostatectomies
Transurethral Prostatectomy
Transurethral Radiofrequency Thermal Ablation
Transurethral Thermotherapies
Transurethral Thermotherapy
Transurethral Ultrasound Guided Laser Induced Prostatectomy
Transurethral Ultrasound-Guided Laser-Induced Prostatectomy
Transurethral Vaporesection of Prostate
Transurethral Visual Laser Ablation of Prostate
Tree Number:   E04.950.774.860.625.750
Definition English:   Removal of all or part of the PROSTATE, often using a cystoscope and/or resectoscope passed through the URETHRA. 
Indexing Annotation English:   coordinate with specific ablation technique if pertinent
History Note English:   2000; use PROSTATECTOMY 1999; for PROSTATECTOMY, TRANSURETHRAL use PROSTATECTOMY 1992-1999 
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