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Descriptor English:   Tretinoin 
Descriptor Spanish:   Tretinoina 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Tretinoína 
Synonyms English:   Acid, Retinoic
Acid, Vitamin A
Acid, all-trans-Retinoic
Acid, beta-all-trans-Retinoic
Acid, trans-Retinoic
Potassium Salt, Tretinoin
Retin A
Retinoic Acid
Salt, Tretinoin Potassium
Salt, Tretinoin Sodium
Salt, Tretinoin Zinc
Sodium Salt, Tretinoin
Tretinoin Potassium Salt
Tretinoin Sodium Salt
Tretinoin Zinc Salt
Vitamin A Acid
Zinc Salt, Tretinoin
all trans Retinoic Acid
all-trans-Retinoic Acid
beta all trans Retinoic Acid
beta-all-trans-Retinoic Acid
trans Retinoic Acid
trans-Retinoic Acid  
Tree Number:   D02.455.326.271.665.202.495.818.500
Definition English:   An important regulator of GENE EXPRESSION during growth and development, and in NEOPLASMS. Tretinoin, also known as retinoic acid and derived from maternal VITAMIN A, is essential for normal GROWTH; and EMBRYONIC DEVELOPMENT. An excess of tretinoin can be teratogenic. It is used in the treatment of PSORIASIS; ACNE VULGARIS; and several other SKIN DISEASES. It has also been approved for use in promyelocytic leukemia (LEUKEMIA, PROMYELOCYTIC, ACUTE). 
Pharmacological Action:   Antineoplastic Agents
Keratolytic Agents
See Related English:   Receptors, Retinoic Acid
History Note English:   80(75); was see under VITAMIN A 1975-79 
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