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Descriptor English:   VDJ Exons 
Descriptor Spanish:   Exones VDJ 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Éxons VDJ 
Synonyms English:   Exon, VDJ
Exons, VDJ
V(D)J Exons
VDJ Exon  
Tree Number:   G05.360.340.024.340.137.232.920
Definition English:   Exons that are created in vivo during LYMPHOCYTE maturation from the V, D, and J gene segments of immunoglobulin superfamily genes (e.g., the IMMUNOGLOBULIN HEAVY CHAIN GENES, or the T-CELL RECEPTOR BETA GENES or T-CELL RECEPTOR GAMMA GENES ) by the VDJ RECOMBINASE system. 
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Genes, T-Cell Receptor
V(D)J Recombination
VDJ Recombinases
History Note English:   2006 
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Record Number:   51261 
Unique Identifier:   D050441 

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