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Descriptor English:   Vaccinia virus 
Descriptor Spanish:   Virus Vaccinia 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Vírus Vaccinia 
Synonyms English:   Buffalo Pox Virus
Buffalo Pox Viruses
Buffalopox virus
Buffalopox viruses
Poxvirus officinale
Rabbit Pox Virus
Rabbit Pox Viruses
Rabbitpox virus
Rabbitpox viruses
Vaccinia viruses
Virus, Buffalo Pox
Viruses, Buffalo Pox
virus, Buffalopox  
Tree Number:   B04.280.650.160.650.900
Definition English:   The type species of ORTHOPOXVIRUS, related to COWPOX VIRUS, but whose true origin is unknown. It has been used as a live vaccine against SMALLPOX. It is also used as a vector for inserting foreign DNA into animals. Rabbitpox virus is a subspecies of VACCINIA VIRUS. 
Indexing Annotation English:   infection = VACCINIA
History Note English:   63; RABBIT POX VIRUS was heading 1975-93 (see under POXVIRIDAE 1981-90, see under POXVIRUSES 1975-80); RABBIT PLAGUE VIRUS was see RABBIT POX VIRUS 1975-93 
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