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Descriptor English:   Vacuum Extraction, Obstetrical 
Descriptor Spanish:   Extracción Obstétrica por Aspiración 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Vácuo-Extração 
Synonyms English:   Deliveries, Vacuum Extraction
Delivery, Vacuum Extraction
Extraction Deliveries, Vacuum
Extraction Delivery, Vacuum
Extraction, Obstetric Vacuum
Extraction, Obstetrical Vacuum
Extractions, Obstetric Vacuum
Extractions, Obstetrical Vacuum
Obstetric Vacuum Extraction
Obstetric Vacuum Extractions
Obstetrical Vacuum Extraction
Obstetrical Vacuum Extractions
Vacuum Extraction Deliveries
Vacuum Extraction Delivery
Vacuum Extraction, Obstetric
Vacuum Extractions, Obstetric
Vacuum Extractions, Obstetrical  
Tree Number:   E04.520.252.875.970
Definition English:   Removal of the fetus from the uterus or vagina at or near the end of pregnancy with a metal traction cup that is attached to the fetus' head. Negative pressure is applied and traction is made on a chain passed through the suction tube. (From Stedman, 26th ed & Dorland, 28th ed) 
History Note English:   91(75); was see under EXTRACTION, OBSTETRICAL 1975-90 
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