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Descriptor English:   Vanuatu 
Descriptor Spanish:   Vanuatu 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Vanuatu 
Synonyms English:   New Hebrides  
Tree Number:   Z01.639.760.590.736
Definition English:   A republic consisting of an island group in Melanesia, in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Its capital is Port-Vila. It was called New Hebrides until 1980. It was discovered in 1606 by the Portuguese, forgotten for 160 years, then visited by Bougainville in 1768 and Captain Cook in 1774. It was under joint British and French administration from 1906 until it became independent in 1980 under the name of Vanuatu. The name is native, meaning our land. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p833 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p570) 
Indexing Annotation English:   an island group in Melanesia; X ref NEW HEBRIDES was its former name
History Note English:   90; was NEW HEBRIDES 1975-89 
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