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Descriptor English:   Dental Cavity Lining 
Descriptor Spanish:   Recubrimiento de la Cavidad Dental 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Forramento da Cavidade Dentária 
Synonyms English:   Cavity Liner, Dental
Cavity Lining Varnish
Cavity Lining Varnishes
Cavity Lining, Dental
Cavity Linings, Dental
Cavity Varnishes
Dental Cavity Liner
Dental Cavity Liners
Dental Cavity Linings
Liners, Dental Cavity
Lining, Dental Cavity
Linings, Dental Cavity
Cavity Liners, Dental
Cavity Varnish
Liner, Dental Cavity
Varnish, Cavity Lining
Varnishes, Cavity
Varnishes, Cavity Lining
Varnish, Cavity  
Tree Number:   E06.323.225
Definition English:   An inner coating, as of varnish or other protective substance, to cover the dental cavity wall. It is usually a resinous film-forming agent dissolved in a volatile solvent, or a suspension of calcium hydroxide in a solution of a synthetic resin. The lining seals the dentinal tubules and protects the pulp before a restoration is inserted. (Jablonski, Illustrated Dictionary of Dentistry, 1982) 
Indexing Annotation English:   DF: DENT CAVITY LINING
See Related English:   Calcium Hydroxide
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