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Descriptor English:   Tunica Media 
Descriptor Spanish:   Túnica Media 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Túnica Média 
Synonyms English:   Arterial Media
Arterial Medias
Media, Arterial
Media, Vascular
Media, Venous
Medias, Arterial
Medias, Vascular
Medias, Venous
Vascular Media
Vascular Medias
Venous Media
Venous Medias  
Tree Number:   A07.015.733
Definition English:   The middle layer of blood vessel walls, composed principally of thin, cylindrical, smooth muscle cells and elastic tissue. It accounts for the bulk of the wall of most arteries. The smooth muscle cells are arranged in circular layers around the vessel, and the thickness of the coat varies with the size of the vessel. 
Indexing Annotation English:   /pathol is more likely than "diseases of the tunica media"; coordinate IM with specific blood vessel (IM)
History Note English:   93 
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