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Descriptor English:   Ventilators, Negative-Pressure 
Descriptor Spanish:   Ventiladores de Presión Negativa 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Respiradores de Pressão Negativa 
Synonyms English:   Negative Pressure Pulmonary Ventilator
Negative Pressure Pulmonary Ventilators
Negative Pressure Ventilators
Negative-Pressure Pulmonary Ventilator
Negative-Pressure Pulmonary Ventilators
Negative-Pressure Respirator
Negative-Pressure Respirators
Negative-Pressure Ventilator
Negative-Pressure Ventilators
Pulmonary Ventilator, Negative Pressure
Pulmonary Ventilator, Negative-Pressure
Pulmonary Ventilators, Negative Pressure
Pulmonary Ventilators, Negative-Pressure
Respirator, Negative-Pressure
Respirators, Negative Pressure
Respirators, Negative-Pressure
Respirators, Pulmonary, Negative-Pressure
Tank Ventilator
Tank Ventilators
Ventilator, Negative Pressure Pulmonary
Ventilator, Negative-Pressure
Ventilator, Negative-Pressure Pulmonary
Ventilator, Tank
Ventilators, Negative Pressure
Ventilators, Negative-Pressure Pulmonary
Ventilators, Pulmonary, Negative-Pressure
Ventilators, Tank  
Tree Number:   E07.950.500
Definition English:   Body ventilators that assist ventilation by applying intermittent subatmospheric pressure around the thorax, abdomen, or airway and periodically expand the chest wall and inflate the lungs. They are relatively simple to operate and do not require tracheostomy. These devices include the tank ventilators ("iron lung"), Portalung, Pneumowrap, and chest cuirass ("tortoise shell"). 
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Unique Identifier:   D015919 

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