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Descriptor English:   Veterinary Service, Military 
Descriptor Spanish:   Servicio Veterinario Militar 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Serviço Veterinário Militar 
Synonyms English:   Military Veterinary Service
Military Veterinary Services
Service, Military Veterinary
Services, Military Veterinary
Veterinary Services, Military  
Tree Number:   H02.956.858
Definition English:   A corps of the armed services concerned with animal medicine, the chief interest of which is the care of government-owned working dogs (as in the military police units), working horses (as in state funerals), and working military dolphins (as in undersea exploration and other activities). In the United States Army Veterinary Corps animal medicine overlaps and interconnects with biomedical research using laboratory research animals. A related activity is laboratory animal care. The Corps provides limited care for privately owned animals of military personnel through non-appropriated funds. Military service veterinarians in the United States Army must be graduates of accredited veterinary schools and must have a state license. (Telephone communication with Lt. Col. William Inskeep II, U.S. Army Veterinary Corps, October 4, 1994) 
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