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Descriptor English:   Inclusion Bodies, Viral 
Descriptor Spanish:   Cuerpos de Inclusión Viral 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Corpos de Inclusão Viral 
Synonyms English:   Bodies, Negri
Bodies, Viral Inclusion
Body, Negri
Body, Viral Inclusion
Inclusion Body, Viral
Negri Bodies
Negri Body
Viral Inclusion Bodies
Viral Inclusion Body  
Tree Number:   A11.284.420.390
Definition English:   An area showing altered staining behavior in the nucleus or cytoplasm of a virus-infected cell. Some inclusion bodies represent "virus factories" in which viral nucleic acid or protein is being synthesized; others are merely artifacts of fixation and staining. One example, Negri bodies, are found in the cytoplasm or processes of nerve cells in animals that have died from rabies. 
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