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Descriptor English:   Branchial Region 
Descriptor Spanish:   Región Branquial 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Região Branquial 
Synonyms English:   Branchial Arch
Branchial Grooves
Pharyngeal Arch
Pharyngeal Clefts
Pharyngeal Grooves
Visceral Arch
Arch, Branchial
Arch, Pharyngeal
Arch, Visceral
Arches, Branchial
Arches, Pharyngeal
Arches, Visceral
Archs, Pharyngeal
Branchial Cleft
Branchial Groove
Branchial Regions
Cleft, Branchial
Cleft, Pharyngeal
Clefts, Branchial
Clefts, Pharyngeal
Groove, Branchial
Groove, Pharyngeal
Grooves, Branchial
Grooves, Pharyngeal
Pharyngeal Archs
Pharyngeal Cleft
Pharyngeal Groove
Region, Branchial
Regions, Branchial
Branchial Arches
Branchial Clefts
Pharyngeal Arches
Visceral Arches  
Tree Number:   A16.142
Definition English:   A region, of SOMITE development period, that contains a number of paired arches, each with a mesodermal core lined by ectoderm and endoderm on the two sides. In lower aquatic vertebrates, branchial arches develop into GILLS. In higher vertebrates, the arches forms outpouchings and develop into structures of the head and neck. Separating the arches are the branchial clefts or grooves. 
Indexing Annotation English:   branchial arch syndrome: index under BRANCHIAL REGION (IM) + SYNDROME (NIM)
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Record Number:   1960 
Unique Identifier:   D001934 

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