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Descriptor English:   Vision, Ocular 
Descriptor Spanish:   Visión Ocular 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Visão Ocular 
Synonyms English:   Light Signal Transduction, Visual
Ocular Vision
Phototransduction, Visual
Transduction, Visual
Visual Light Signal Transduction
Visual Phototransduction
Visual Transduction  
Tree Number:   F02.830.816.964
Definition English:   The process in which light signals are transformed by the PHOTORECEPTOR CELLS into electrical signals which can then be transmitted to the brain. 
Indexing Annotation English:   differentiate from VISUAL PERCEPTION which takes place in the brain, vision takes place in the eye; visual stimulation: probably PHOTIC STIMULATION but check text for possible non-light (non-photic) stimulation
See Related English:   Photoreceptor Cells
Photoreceptor Cells, Vertebrate
Visual Perception
History Note English:   2009 (1963) 
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Unique Identifier:   D014785 

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