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Descriptor English:   Vision Disparity 
Descriptor Spanish:   Disparidad Visual 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Disparidade Visual 
Synonyms English:   Binocular Disparities
Binocular Disparity
Disparities, Binocular
Disparities, Fixation
Disparities, Ocular
Disparities, Retinal
Disparities, Vision
Disparities, Visual
Disparity, Binocular
Disparity, Fixation
Disparity, Ocular
Disparity, Retinal
Disparity, Vision
Disparity, Visual
Fixation Disparities
Fixation Disparity
Ocular Disparities
Ocular Disparity
Ocular Parallax
Parallax, Ocular
Retinal Disparities
Retinal Disparity
Vision Disparities
Visual Disparities
Visual Disparity  
Tree Number:   F02.463.593.778.255.780
Definition English:   The difference between two images on the retina when looking at a visual stimulus. This occurs since the two retinas do not have the same view of the stimulus because of the location of our eyes. Thus the left eye does not get exactly the same view as the right eye. 
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