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Descriptor English:   Visna-maedi virus 
Descriptor Spanish:   Virus Visna-Maedi 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Vírus Visna-Maedi 
Synonyms English:   Maedi Virus
Maedi Viruses
Maedi Visna Virus
Maedi-Visna Virus
Visna Maedi Virus
Visna Virus  
Tree Number:   B04.820.650.589.600.900
Definition English:   A species of LENTIVIRUS, subgenus ovine-caprine lentiviruses (LENTIVIRUSES, OVINE-CAPRINE), that can cause chronic pneumonia (maedi), mastitis, arthritis, and encephalomyelitis (visna) in sheep. Maedi is a progressive pneumonia of sheep which is similar to but not the same as jaagsiekte (PULMONARY ADENOMATOSIS, OVINE). Visna is a demyelinating leukoencephalomyelitis of sheep which is similar to but not the same as SCRAPIE. 
Indexing Annotation English:   infection = VISNA or MAEDI see PNEUMONIA, PROGRESSIVE INTERSTITIAL, OF SHEEP
History Note English:   94; was VISNA VIRUS 1991-93; was VISNA-MAEDI VIRUSES 1975-90 (see under RNA VIRUSES 1975-77); VISNA-MAEDI VIRUS was see VISNA VIRUS 1991-93 
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