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Descriptor English:   Volcanic Eruptions 
Descriptor Spanish:   Erupciones Volcánicas 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Erupções Vulcânicas 
Synonyms English:   Ash, Volcanic
Eruption, Volcanic
Eruptions, Volcanic
Gases, Volcanic
Volcanic Ash
Volcanic Eruption
Volcanic Gases  
Tree Number:   G01.311.955
Definition English:   The ash, dust, gases, and lava released by volcanic explosion. The gases are volatile matter composed principally of about 90% water vapor, and carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen. The ash or dust is pyroclastic ejecta and lava is molten extrusive material consisting mainly of magnesium silicate. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed) 
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