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Descriptor English:   Sterilization, Reproductive 
Descriptor Spanish:   Esterilización Reproductiva 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Esterilização Reprodutiva 
Synonyms English:   Female Sterilization
Female Sterilization, Voluntary
Female Sterilizations
Female Sterilizations, Voluntary
Male Sterilization
Male Sterilization, Voluntary
Male Sterilizations
Male Sterilizations, Voluntary
Reproductive Sterilization
Reproductive Sterilizations
Sterilization, Female
Sterilization, Male
Sterilization, Voluntary
Sterilizations, Female
Sterilizations, Male
Sterilizations, Reproductive
Sterilizations, Voluntary
Voluntary Female Sterilization
Voluntary Female Sterilizations
Voluntary Male Sterilization
Voluntary Male Sterilizations
Voluntary Sterilization
Voluntary Sterilizations  
Tree Number:   E02.875.194.910
Definition English:   Procedures to block or remove all or part of the genital tract for the purpose of rendering individuals sterile, incapable of reproduction. Surgical sterilization procedures are the most commonly used. There are also sterilization procedures involving chemical or physical means. 
Indexing Annotation English:   restrict to humans and vertebrates; for invertebrates, consider PEST CONTROL, BIOLOGICAL
See Related English:   Pest Control, Biological
Population Control
History Note English:   2004 (1963) 
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VE veterinary  
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