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Descriptor English:   Genes, myb 
Descriptor Spanish:   Genes myb 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Genes myb 
Synonyms English:   Gene, c-myb
Gene, myb
Gene, v-myb
Genes, c-myb
Genes, v-myb
Oncogene, myb
Oncogene, v-myb
Oncogenes, myb
Oncogenes, v-myb
Proto-Oncogene, c-myb
Proto-Oncogenes, c-myb
c myb Genes
c myb Proto Oncogenes
c-myb Gene
c-myb Genes
c-myb Proto-Oncogene
c-myb Proto-Oncogenes
myb Gene
myb Genes
myb Oncogene
myb Oncogenes
v myb Genes
v myb Oncogenes
v-myb Gene
v-myb Genes
v-myb Oncogene
v-myb Oncogenes  
Tree Number:   G05.360.340.024.340.375.500.791.418
Definition English:   Retrovirus-associated DNA sequences (v-myb) originally isolated from the avian myeloblastosis and E26 leukemia viruses. The proto-oncogene c-myb codes for a nuclear protein involved in transcriptional regulation and appears to be essential for hematopoietic cell proliferation. The human myb gene is located at 6q22-23 on the short arm of chromosome 6. This is the point of break in translocations involved in T-cell acute lymphatic leukemia and in some ovarian cancers and melanomas. (From Ibelgaufts, Dictionary of Cytokines, 1995). 
History Note English:   2000; use ONCOGENES 1985-1999 
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