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Descriptor English:   Genes, vpr 
Descriptor Spanish:   Genes prv 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Genes vpr 
Synonyms English:   Gene, R
Gene, rap
Gene, vpr
Genes, R
Genes, rap
R Gene
R Genes
rap Gene
rap Genes
vpr Gene
vpr Genes  
Tree Number:   G05.360.340.024.340.364.875.897
Definition English:   DNA sequences that form the coding region for a trans-activator protein that specifies rapid growth in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). vpr is short for viral protein R, where R is undefined. 
Indexing Annotation English:   vpr stands for "Viral Protein R"; in X ref GENES, RAP, rap stands for "R Activation Protein"
History Note English:   93; was GENES, RAP 1991-92; GENES, VPR was see GENES, RAP 1991-92 
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Unique Identifier:   D016334 

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