DeCS 2020 - Deleted descriptors

B - Organisms
Deleted descriptor   Concept absorbed by

B01 - Eukaryota
Coniferophyta Tracheophyta
Punicaceae Lythraceae
Taxodiaceae Cupressaceae

D - Chemicals and Drugs
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D02 - Organic Chemicals
Cascara Rhamnus

D04 - Polycyclic Compounds
Cascara Rhamnus

D20 - Complex Mixtures
Cascara Rhamnus

HP - Homeopathy
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HP3 - Homeopathic Therapeutics
Opotherapy Organotherapy

HP4 - Materia Medica
Agave americana Agave
Allium cepa (Homeopathy) Onions
Allium sativum (Homeopathy) Garlic
Alumina (Homeopathy) Aluminum Oxide
Anacardium orientale Semecarpus
Anthemis nobilis (Homeopathy) Chamaemelum
Aristolochia clematitis Aristolochia
Aristolochia colombiana Aristolochia
Aristolochia Milhomens Aristolochia
Arnica montana (Homeopathy) Arnica
Artemisia vulgaris (Homeopathy) Artemisia
Asafoetida (Homeopathy) Ferula
Beta vulgaris (Homeopathy) Beta vulgaris
Boldo (Homeopathy) Peumus
Calcarea Sulphurica Calcium Sulfate
Calendula officinalis (Homeopathy) Calendula
Carduus marianus (Homeopathy) Milk Thistle
Cascara Rhamnus
Cassada Manihot
Colostrum (Homeopathy) Colostrum
Conium maculatum (Homeopathy) Conium
Cynodon dactylon (Homeopathy) Cynodon
Damiana (Homeopathy) Turnera
Dulcamara (Homeopathy) Solanum
Fagopyrum esculentum (Homeopathy) Fagopyrum
Gadus morhua (Homeopathy) Cod Liver Oil
Galanthus nivalis (Homeopathy) Galanthus
Ginseng (Homeopathy) Panax
Granatum Pomegranate
Guaco (Homeopathy) Mikania
Guarana (Homeopathy) Paullinia
Hedera helix (Homeopathy) Hedera
Homarus (Homeopathy) Nephropidae
Hydrocotyle asiatica (Homeopathy) Centella
Hyoscyamus niger (Homeopathy) Hyoscyamus
Hypericum perforatum (Homeopathy) Hypericum
Hypothalamus (Homeopathy) Hypothalamus
Ilex aquifolium Ilex
Justicia adhatoda (Homeopathy) Justicia
Kola Cola
Kreosotum Creosote
Lactuca sativa (Homeopathy) Lettuce
Lactuca virosa Lettuce
Latrodectus mactans (Homeopathy) Black Widow Spider
Medusa (Homeopathy) Scyphozoa
Nuphar luteum Nuphar
Nux Vomica (Homeopathy) Strychnos nux-vomica
Nymphaea odorata Nymphaea
Oleander (Homeopathy) Nerium
Oleum Jecoris Aselli Cod Liver Oil
Opium (Homeopathy) Opium
Opotherapy Organotherapy
Paullinia pinnata (Homeopathy) Paullinia
Petroleum (Homeopathy) Petroleum
Phosphorus (Homeopathy) Phosphorus
Piper methysticum (Homeopathy) Kava
Pollen (Homeopathy) Pollen
Prunus domestica (Homeopathy) Prunus domestica
Prunus virginiana Prunus
Robinia pseudoacacia (Homeopathy) Robinia
Selenium (Homeopathy) Selenium
Senna Sennosides
Serpentaria aristolochia Aristolochia
Solanum oleraceum Solanum nigrum
Solanum tuberosum (Homeopathy) Solanum tuberosum
Solidago virgaurea (Homeopathy) Solidago
Tamus communis (Homeopathy) Tamus
Thalamus (Homeopathy) Thalamus
Thea sinensis (Homeopathy) Camellia sinensis
Tongo Dipteryx
Tropaeolum majus (Homeopathy) Tropaeolum
Uranium (Homeopathy) Uranium
Usnea barbata (Homeopathy) Usnea
Uva ursi (Homeopathy) Arctostaphylos
Valeriana officinalis (Homeopathy) Valerian
Xanthium spinosum (Homoeopathy) Xanthium
Yucca filamentosa (Homeopathy) Yucca
Zingiber officinale (Homeopathy) Ginger

L - Information Science
Deleted descriptor   Concept absorbed by

L01 - Information Science
Biobibliography as Topic Biobibliography

SH - Science and Health
Deleted descriptor   Concept absorbed by

SH1 - Health Sciences, Technology, and Innovation Management
Affirmative Action Public Policy
Press Mass Media
Public Nondiscriminatory Policies Public Nondiscrimination Policies

SP - Public Health
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SP1 - Health Policy, Planning and Management
Affirmative Action Public Policy
Public Nondiscriminatory Policies Public Nondiscrimination Policies

SP2 - Health Care (Public Health)
Dowry Death Gender-Based Violence
Quaternary Prevention Quaternary Prevention

SP3 - Population Studies in Public Health
Anti-Semitism Prejudice
Covert Racism Racism
Cultural Relativism Culture
Dialect Language
Diaspora Human Migration
Dowry Death Gender-Based Violence
Ethnic Boundary Maintenance Cultural Characteristics
Indigenous Population (Public Health) Population Groups
Islamophobia Prejudice
Migration Policy (Public Health) Public Policy
Minority Rights Civil Rights
Social Exploitation Social Problems
Workers Occupational Groups

SP4 - Environmental Health
Analysis of Treatability Water Purification
Augmented Reality Augmented Reality
Bacteriological Analysis Bacteriological Techniques
Bioaccumulation Bioaccumulation
Biological Analysis Biological Phenomena
Carbon 14 Carbon Radioisotopes
Chemical Analysis Chemical Phenomena
Construction Construction Industry
Contamination Environmental Pollution
Energy Energy-Generating Resources
Feeding Diet
Fog (Environmental Health) Weather
Hormonal Disruptors Endocrine Disruptors
Humic Acids (Environmental Health) Humic Substances
Indigenous Population (Public Health) Population Groups
Lagoons Coastal Lagoon
Land Movement Landslides
Microbiological Analysis Microbiological Techniques
Nutrition, Public Health Nutritional Sciences
Parasitological Analysis Parasitology
Physical Analysis Physical Phenomena
Physicochemical Analysis Chemical Phenomena
Plans Map
Qualitative Analysis Evaluation Studies as Topic
Quantitative Analysis Evaluation Studies as Topic
Radiation Diseases Radiation Injuries
Sand Sand
Spillways Weirs
Thermoelectric Power Plants (Environmental Health) Power Plants
Thermonuclear Power Plants Nuclear Power Plants
Training Mentoring
Urban Cleaning Service Urban Cleaning
Virological Analysis Virology
Water Analysis Water Microbiology

SP5 - Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Relative Risk (Public Health) Risk

SP6 - Nutritional Sciences
Feeding Diet
Nutrition, Public Health Nutritional Sciences

SP8 - Disasters
Assistance Counseling
Carbon 14 Carbon Radioisotopes
Displaced Persons Refugees
Space Probe Spacecraft
Training Mentoring

SP9 - Health Law
Affirmative Action Public Policy
Collective Human Rights Human Rights
Documents Records
Freedom of Religion Freedom
Linguistic Rights Human Rights
Minority Rights Civil Rights
Right of Freedom of Movement Freedom
Right to Health Right to Health
Right to Housing Human Rights
Right to Work Right to Work
Rights of Indigenous Peoples Human Rights
Rights to Housing Human Rights

VS - Health Surveillance
Deleted descriptor   Concept absorbed by

VS2 - Health Surveillance of Products
Control Agents for Microorganisms Food Preservatives
Dietetic Beverages Artificially Sweetened Beverages
Stabilizers Excipients

VS4 - Environmental Health Surveillance
Water Analysis Water Microbiology