2021 changed descriptors (in English)

B – Organisms
Changed descriptors Replaced-by
B01 – Eukaryota
Debaromyces Debaryomyces
Pimenta Genus Pimenta
B03 – Bacteria
Clostridium difficile Clostridioides difficile
Pectobacterium chrysanthemi Dickeya chrysanthemi
C – Diseases
Changed descriptors Replaced-by
C08 – Respiratory Tract Diseases
Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome
C23 – Pathological Conditions
Infantile Apparent Life-Threatening Event Brief, Resolved, Unexplained Event
D – Chemicals and Drugs
Changed descriptors Replaced-by
D08 – Enzymes and Coenzymes
Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 1 Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 1 Family
Pyruvate Dehydrogenase (Acetyl-Transferring) Kinase Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Acetyl-Transferring Kinase
RNA Replicase RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase
Site-Specific DNA-Methyltransferase (Cytosine-N(4)-Specific) Site-Specific DNA-Methyltransferase (Cytosine-N4-Specific)
F – Psychiatry and Psychology
Changed descriptors Replaced-by
F01 – Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms
Social Distance Psychological Distance
Bonding, Human-Pet Human-Animal Bond
M – Named Groups
Changed descriptors Replaced-by
M01 – Persons
Alaska Natives Alaskan Natives
Mentally Disabled Persons Persons with Mental Disabilities
SP – Public Health
Descritores alterados Substituídos por
SP4 – Environmental Health
Impervious Lining Waterproof Coating for Landfills
Neutralization Effluent Neutralization
Transitions Waterway Transitions

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