Conditions de téléchargement des données DeCS/MeSH (en anglais)

Downloading data from DeCS/MeSH will imply agreement to the following terms and conditions: 

  • Data will be granted through a license agreement between PAHO/BIREME and the requesting institution. No charges, fees or royalties will be due to PAHO/BIREME for such data.
  • A license per edition may be granted to the licensee and will be valid for three years on a non-exclusive basis.
  • PAHO/BIREME will authorize the licensee to use, copy and incorporate DeCS/MeSH in its product/service/application and to grant third parties its access and use at the same format that they will be incorporated in the product/service/application. DeCS/MeSH data shall not be sold or made available separately from the product/service/application or in any other way.


  • When offering DeCS in its own product/service/application, the licensee must mention the PAHO/BIREME copyright of DeCS/MeSH.
  • Licensee must declare that he/she knows, accepts to respect the terms and conditions of use of DeCS/MeSH, in accordance with (
  • Use of DeCS/MeSH does not and cannot imply any endorsement by PAHO/BIREME of any specific product or service. Licensee agrees that no advertisements for commercial products or services, other than Licensee’s products and services, shall be associated with the Product.
  • Licensee acknowledges that the use of the PAHO/BIREME logo, official seal, image and/or name is strictly prohibited without the prior, express, written authorization of PAHO/BIREME. Nothing may be inserted into the product/service/application that could give the impression that it was prepared or approved by PAHO/BIREME. Nowhere will it be stated or implied that PAHO/BIREME endorses the product/service/application or any other product or service.
  • Licensee must explain the edition of DeCS/MeSH presented in his/her product/service/application.
  • Licensee shall protect DeCS/MeSH codes and terms from unauthorized access, copying, transmission or use by third parties with the same degree of care that licensee uses in protecting his/her own material.
  • In no event shall PAHO/BIREME be liable for any loss, claim or demand brought against PAHO/BIREME or against the licensee, due to or related to the licensee’s use of DeCS/MeSH.

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