Descripteur en français: Trinité-et-Tobago
Descripteur en anglais: Trinidad and Tobago
Descripteur en espagnol: Trinidad y Tobago
Descripteur en portugais: Trinidad e Tobago
Synonymes: République de Trinidad-et-Tobago
République de Trinité-et-Tobago
Trinité et Tobago
Code(s) d'arborescence: Z01.107.084.900.900
Identificateur unique RDF:
Note d'application: An independent state in the Lesser Antilles in the West Indies, north of Venezuela, comprising the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Its capital is Port of Spain. Both islands were discovered by Columbus in 1498. The Spanish, English, Dutch, and French figure in their history over four centuries. Trinidad and Tobago united in 1898 and were made part of the British colony of Trinidad and Tobago in 1899. The colony became an independent state in 1962. Trinidad was so named by Columbus either because he arrived on Trinity Sunday or because three mountain peaks suggested the Holy Trinity. Tobago was given the name by Columbus from the Haitian tambaku, pipe, from the natives' habit of smoking tobacco leaves. (Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p1228, 1216 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p555, 547)
Qualificatifs autorisés: EH ethnologie
EP épidémiologie
Identifiant DeCS: 14702
ID du Descripteur: D014300
Documents indexés dans la Biblioteque Virtuelle de Santé (BVS): Cliquez ici pour accéder aux documents VHL
Date d'établissement: 01/01/1979
Date d'entrée: 01/01/1999
Date de révision: 03/07/2012
Trinité-et-Tobago - Concept préféré
Concept UI M0021998
Terme préféré Trinité-et-Tobago
Synonymes République de Trinidad-et-Tobago
République de Trinité-et-Tobago
Trinité et Tobago
Tobago - Plus spécifique
Concept UI M0021997
Terme préféré Tobago
Trinité - Plus spécifique
Concept UI M0021999
Terme préféré Trinité
Synonymes Trinidad

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