Descripteur en français: Empirisme
Descripteur en anglais: Empiricism
Descripteur en espagnol: Empirismo
Descripteur en portugais: Empirismo
Code(s) d'arborescence: K01.752.667.400
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Note d'application: One of the principal schools of medical philosophy in ancient Greece and Rome. It developed in Alexandria between 270 and 220 B.C., the only one to have any success in reviving the essentials of the Hippocratic concept. The Empiricists declared that the search for ultimate causes of phenomena was vain, but they were active in endeavoring to discover immediate causes. The "tripod of the Empirics" was their own chance observations (experience), learning obtained from contemporaries and predecessors (experience of others), and, in the case of new diseases, the formation of conclusions from other diseases which they resembled (analogy). Empiricism enjoyed sporadic continuing popularity in later centuries up to the nineteenth. (From Castiglioni, A History of Medicine, 2d ed, p186; Dr. James H. Cassedy, NLM History of Medicine Division)
Qualificatifs autorisés: HI histoire
Identifiant DeCS: 33192
ID du Descripteur: D019348
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Date d'établissement: 01/01/1997
Date d'entrée: 10/06/1996
Date de révision: 08/11/1999
Empirisme - Concept préféré
Concept UI M0028801
Terme préféré Empirisme

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