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Code(s) d'arborescence: SP8.473.654.622.677
Note d'application: Ocean waves which have traveled out of their generating area. A swell characteristically exhibits a more regular and longer period and has flatter crests than waves within their fetch. (From: AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY. Glossary of Meteorology (Ralph E. Huschke, ed.). Boston: American Meteorological Society. 1959. 638 p. Cited in Glossary of Oceanographic Terms. 2nd Edition. 1966. Edited by B. B. BAKER, Jr., W. R. DEEBEL, R. D. GEISENDERFER. Oceanographic Analysis Division. Marine Sciences Department. U.S. NAVAL OCEANOGRAPHIC OFFICE. Washington, D.C. 20390. 204 p. Available in Swells are waves not produced by the local wind and come in at a higher period (longer wave length) than waves produced by the local wind. (From: Glossary of Terms for Detailed Wave Information. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Available in
Identifiant DeCS: 35128
ID du Descripteur: DDCS035128
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