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About DeCS

DeCS, an acronym for Descriptores en Ciencias de la Salud (Health Sciences Descriptors), is a controlled vocabulary that uses descriptors/headings to index scientific articles and other documents in the biomedical field. Making an analogy, indexing consists of assigning “tags” to documents, which allows them to be retrieved from the database. The descriptors would be those tags. Learn more at About DeCS.


DeCS in Numbers

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There are five means for searching:

Any term: searches for the word entered in the search field in all terms, Descriptors and Alternative Terms, regardless of the word order in the term.
Exact term: search for the term that exactly matches the word entered.
Descriptor ID: searches for the unique identifier of DeCS/MeSH descriptors.
Hierarchical Code: searches by code in the DeCS/MeSH hierarchy and retrieves the record that has a specific position in the concept tree.
Any Qualifier: Searches for the word entered in the search field in all Qualifiers, regardless of word order in the term.

To search for part of the word or code, use the truncator * or $ before or after the typed string.

See the How to Use DeCS/MeSH Guide for more guidance.

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DeCS/MeSH Finder: Find the thesaurus terms present in your document automatically

DeCS/MeSH Finder goes through each word of the text to be analyzed looking for terms from the thesaurus DeCS/MeSH. Once you have found a term, it analyzes whether it belongs to the types of desired terms previously selected by the user. If it does, add the term found in the term output list.

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