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Descriptor English: Agglutinins
Entry term(s):
Descriptor Spanish: Aglutininas
Entry term(s):
Descriptor Portuguese: Aglutininas
Entry term(s):
Descriptor French: Agglutinines

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Descriptor English: Plant Lectins
Entry term(s):
Agglutinin, Plant
Agglutinins, Plant
Hemagglutinins, Plant
Lectin, Plant
Lectins, Plant
Plant Agglutinin
Plant Agglutinins
Plant Hemagglutinins
Plant Lectin
Descriptor Spanish: Lectinas de Plantas
Entry term(s):
Aglutinina Vegetal
Lectina Vegetal
Lectinas Vegetales
Descriptor Portuguese: Lectinas de Plantas
Entry term(s):
Aglutinina de Planta
Aglutininas de Plantas
Lectina de Planta
Lectina Vegetal
Lectinas Vegetais
Descriptor French: Lectines végétales
Entry term(s):
Lectines, plante

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Descriptor English: Virulence Factors, Bordetella
Entry term(s):
Agglutinins, Pertussis
Agglutinogen 2, Bordetella Pertussis
Bordetella Virulence Determinant
Bordetella Virulence Factors
Determinant, Bordetella Virulence
Factor Hemagglutinin, Leukocytosis-Promoting
Factor-Hemagglutinin, Lymphocytosis-Promoting
Factors, Bordetella Virulence
Hemagglutinin, Leukocytosis-Promoting Factor
Leukocytosis Promoting Factor Hemagglutinin
Leukocytosis-Promoting Factor Hemagglutinin
LFP Hemagglutinin
Lymphocytosis Promoting Factor Hemagglutinin
Lymphocytosis-Promoting Factor-Hemagglutinin
Pertussis Agglutinins
Virulence Determinant, Bordetella
Descriptor Spanish: Factores de Virulencia de Bordetella
Descriptor Portuguese: Fatores de Virulência de Bordetella
Descriptor French: Facteurs de virulence des Bordetella
Entry term(s):
Agglutines de Bordetella pertussis
Agglutinogène-2 de Bordetella pertussis
Déterminants de virulence de Bordetella
Hémagglutinine LPF
Hémagglutinine-facteur promoteur de lymphocytose

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Descriptor English: Wheat Germ Agglutinins
Entry term(s):
Agglutinin, Wheat Germ
Agglutinins, Wheat Germ
Germ Agglutinin, Wheat
Germ Lectin, Wheat
Lectin, Triticum Vulgare
Lectin, Wheat Germ
Lectins, Triticum Vulgare
Lectins, Wheat Germ
Triticum Vulgare Lectin
Triticum Vulgare Lectins
Vulgare Lectin, Triticum
Wheat Germ Agglutinin
Wheat Germ Agglutinin Isolectin 1
Wheat Germ Agglutinin Isolectin 2
Wheat Germ Lectin
Wheat Germ Lectins
Descriptor Spanish: Aglutininas del Germen de Trigo
Entry term(s):
Aglutinina del Germen de Trigo
Aglutininas de Germen de Trigo
Lectina de Triticum vulgare
Lectina del Germen de Trigo
Lectinas de Germen de Trigo
Lectinas de Triticum vulgare
Descriptor Portuguese: Aglutininas do Germe de Trigo
Entry term(s):
Aglutinina de Germe de Trigo
Aglutinina de Gérmen de Trigo
Aglutinina do Germe de Trigo
Aglutinina do Gérmen de Trigo
Aglutininas de Germe de Trigo
Aglutininas de Gérmen de Trigo
Aglutininas do Gérmen de Trigo
Lecitinas de Triticum aestivum
Lecitinas de Triticum sativum
Lectina de Germe de Trigo
Lectina de Gérmen de Trigo
Lectina de Triticum vulgare
Lectina do Germe de Trigo
Lectina do Gérmen de Trigo
Lectinas de Germe de Trigo
Lectinas de Gérmen de Trigo
Lectinas de Triticum vulgare
Lectinas do Germe de Trigo
Lectinas do Gérmen de Trigo
Descriptor French: Agglutinines germe blé

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