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  • World Hypertension Day

    World Hypertension Day

    The World Hypertension Day is commemorated every May 17th, aiming to raise awareness about the risks of this disease. When…

  • Homeopathy Category Revision

    Homeopathy Category Revision

    The Homeopathy category had last been revised around ten years ago. Having the 2025 edition as a deadline, the highlight…

  • Virus taxon names

    Virus taxon names

    Virus taxon names (species, genus, subfamily, family, and order names) have been formally approved using a defined process established by…

  • Related descriptors

    Related descriptors

    Relations among DeCS concepts can be of several types. One of them is “See related” terms, a type of relationship…

  • World Chagas Disease Day

    World Chagas Disease Day

    To increase awareness about Chagas Disease, a neglected tropical parasitic disease transmitted by insects, World Chagas Disease Day is observed…

  • Understanding DeCS

    Understanding DeCS

    In this video (in Portuguese), you can see how and where to obtain some of the information that DeCS provides.

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