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Descriptor English: Nonsteroidal Anti-Androgens
Entry term(s):
Anti-Androgens, Nonsteroidal
AntiAndrogens, Nonsteroidal
Nonsteroidal Anti Androgens
Nonsteroidal Antiandrogens
Descriptor Spanish: Antiandrógenos no Esteroides
Descriptor Portuguese: Drogas Antiandrogênicas não Esteroides
Entry term(s):
Antiandrógenos não Esteroidais
Antiandrógenos não Esteroides
Drogas Antiandrogênicas não Esteroidais
Descriptor French: Antiandrogènes non stéroïdiens
Entry term(s):
Anti-androgènes non stéroïdiens

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Descriptor English: Testosterone Congeners
Entry term(s):
Analogs, Androgen
Analogues, Androgen
Androgen Analogs
Androgen Analogues
Androgens, Synthetic
Synthetic Androgen
Synthetic Androgens
Descriptor Spanish: Congéneres de la Testosterona
Entry term(s):
Andrógenos Sintéticos
Congéneres de Testosterona
Descriptor Portuguese: Congêneres da Testosterona
Entry term(s):
Análogos de Andrógenos
Andrógeno Sintético
Andrógenos Sintéticos
Congêneres de Testosterona
Descriptor French: Congénères de la testostérone
Entry term(s):
Analogues des androgènes
Androgènes de synthèse
Androgènes synthétiques

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Descriptor English: Receptors, Androgen
Entry term(s):
5 alpha Dihydrotestosterone Receptor
5 alpha-Dihydrotestosterone Receptor
alpha-Dihydrotestosterone Receptor, 5
Androgen Receptor
Androgen Receptors
Androgens Receptors
Dihydrotestosterone Receptors
Receptor, 5 alpha-Dihydrotestosterone
Receptor, Androgen
Receptor, Stanolone
Receptor, Testosterone
Receptors, Androgens
Receptors, Dihydrotestosterone
Receptors, Stanolone
Stanolone Receptor
Stanolone Receptors
Testosterone Receptor
Descriptor Spanish: Receptores Androgénicos
Descriptor Portuguese: Receptores Androgênicos
Descriptor French: Récepteurs aux androgènes
Entry term(s):
Récepteur à la 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone
Récepteur à la testostérone
Récepteur au stanolone
Récepteur de la 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone
Récepteur de la testostérone
Récepteur du stanolone
Récepteurs androgéniques
Récepteurs de la dihydrotestosterone
Récepteurs des androgènes

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Descriptor English: Androgens
Entry term(s):
Agents, Androgenic
Agonist, Androgen Receptor
Agonists, Androgen Receptor
Androgen Effect
Androgen Effects
Androgen Receptor Agonist
Androgen Receptor Agonists
Androgenic Agents
Androgenic Compounds
Compounds, Androgenic
Effect, Androgen
Effects, Androgen
Receptor Agonist, Androgen
Receptor Agonists, Androgen
Descriptor Spanish: Andrógenos
Entry term(s):
Agonista del Receptor de Andrógenos
Efecto Androgénico
Efecto Andrógeno
Descriptor Portuguese: Androgênios
Entry term(s):
Agentes Androgênicos
Agonista do Receptor de Androgênio
Compostos Androgênicos
Efeito Androgênico
Efeito Andrógeno
Efeitos Androgênicos
Efeitos Andrógenos
Descriptor French: Androgènes
Entry term(s):
Agonistes des récepteurs androgéniques
Agonistes des récepteurs aux androgènes
Agonistes des récepteurs des androgènes
Composés androgéniques
Effet androgène
Effet androgènique
Effets androgènes
Effets androgèniques

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