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Descriptor English: Antiviral Agents
Entry term(s):
Agent, Antiviral
Agents, Antiviral
Antiviral Agent
Antiviral Drug
Antiviral Drugs
Drug, Antiviral
Drugs, Antiviral
Descriptor Spanish: Antivirales
Entry term(s):
Agente Antiviral
Agente Antivírico
Agentes Antivirales
Agentes Antivíricos
Medicamento Antiviral
Descriptor Portuguese: Antivirais
Entry term(s):
Agente Antiviral
Agentes Antivirais
Compostos Antivirais
Droga Antiviral
Drogas Antivirais
Fármaco Antiviral
Fármacos Antivirais
Medicamento Antiviral
Medicamentos Antivirais
Substâncias Antivirais
Descriptor French: Antiviraux
Entry term(s):
Agents antiviraux
Médicaments antiviraux

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Descriptor English: Antiviral Restriction Factors
Entry term(s):
Antiviral Effectors
Cellular Restriction Factors
Host Cell Restriction Factors
Restriction Factors, Antiviral
Descriptor Spanish: Factores de Restricción Antivirales
Descriptor Portuguese: Fatores de Restrição Antivirais
Descriptor French: Facteurs de restriction antiviraux
Entry term(s):
Effecteurs antiviraux
Facteurs de restriction cellulaires
Facteurs de restriction de la cellule hôte

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Descriptor English: Antibodies, Viral
Entry term(s):
Viral Antibodies
Descriptor Spanish: Anticuerpos Antivirales
Entry term(s):
Anticuerpos Anti Virus
Anticuerpos Antivirus
Descriptor Portuguese: Anticorpos Antivirais
Entry term(s):
Anticorpos Anti Vírus
Anticorpos Antivírus
Descriptor French: Anticorps antiviraux
Entry term(s):
Anticorps antiviral

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