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Descriptor English: Cosmetic Coloring Agents
Descriptor Spanish: Colorantes para Cosméticos
Descriptor Portuguese: Corantes em Cosméticos
Descriptor French: Agents Colorants en Cosmétique

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Descriptor English: Food Coloring Agents
Entry term(s):
Agents, Food Coloring
Colorants, Food
Coloring Agents, Food
Food Colorants
Descriptor Spanish: Colorantes de Alimentos
Entry term(s):
Colorantes Alimentarios
Colorantes Alimenticios
Descriptor Portuguese: Corantes de Alimentos
Entry term(s):
Agentes Colorantes em Alimentos
Corante de Alimentos
Descriptor French: Colorants alimentaires
Entry term(s):
Colorants pour aliments

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Descriptor English: Hair Dyes
Entry term(s):
Agents, Hair Coloring
Colorants, Hair
Coloring Agents, Hair
Dye, Hair
Dyes, Hair
Hair Colorants
Hair Coloring Agents
Hair Dye
Descriptor Spanish: Tinturas para el Cabello
Entry term(s):
Agentes Colorantes para el Cabello
Colorantes para el Cabello
Tintura para el Cabello
Descriptor Portuguese: Tinturas para Cabelo
Entry term(s):
Colorantes para Cabelo
Tintura para Cabelo
Descriptor French: Teintures capillaires
Entry term(s):
Colorants capillaires
Teintures pour les cheveux

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Descriptor English: Coloring Agents
Entry term(s):
Agent, Coloring
Coloring Agent
Inorganic Pigments
Organic Pigment
Organic Pigments
Pigment, Organic
Pigments, Inorganic
Pigments, Organic
Stain, Tissue
Stains, Tissue
Tissue Stain
Tissue Stains
Descriptor Spanish: Colorantes
Entry term(s):
Agente Colorante
Agentes Colorantes
Colorante de Tejido
Colorantes de Tejido
Corantes Biológicos
Pigmento Inorgánico
Pigmento Orgánico
Pigmentos Inorgánicos
Pigmentos Orgánicos
Tinciones Histológicas
Tinciones Tisulares
Descriptor Portuguese: Corantes
Entry term(s):
Agente Corante
Agente de Coloração
Agentes Colorantes
Agentes Corantes
Corante Biológico
Corante de Tecido
Corantes Biológicos
Corantes de Tecido
Corantes Histológicos
Corantes Tissulares
Pigmento Inorgânico
Pigmento Orgânico
Pigmentos Inorgânicos
Pigmentos Orgânicos
Descriptor French: Agents colorants
Entry term(s):
Colorants biologiques
Colorants biologiques pour tissus
Colorants de tissus
Colorants histologiques
Colorants pour tissus
Matières colorantes
Pigments inorganiques
Pigments organiques

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