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Descriptor English: Insecticides
Entry term(s):
Descriptor Spanish: Insecticidas
Entry term(s):
Descriptor Portuguese: Inseticidas
Entry term(s):
Descriptor French: Insecticides
Entry term(s):
Agents insecticides
Produits insecticides

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Descriptor English: Insecticides, Organophosphate
Entry term(s):
Insecticides, Organothiophosphate
Organophosphate Insecticides
Organophosphate Pesticides
Organophosphorous Insecticides
Organophosphorous Pesticides
Organophosphorus Pesticides
Organothiophosphate Insecticides
Phosphorated Pesticides
Descriptor Spanish: Insecticidas Organofosforados
Entry term(s):
Insecticidas de Organofosfato
Insecticidas de Organotiofosfato
Insecticidas Organotiofosforados
Pesticidas Organofosforados
Plaguicidas Fosforados
Plaguicidas Organofosforados
Descriptor Portuguese: Inseticidas Organofosforados
Entry term(s):
Inseticidas Organotiofosforados
Pesticidas Organofosforados
Pragicidas Organofosforados
Praguicidas Fosforados
Praguicidas Organofosforados
Descriptor French: Insecticides Organophosphorés

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Descriptor English: Insecticides, Organochlorine
Entry term(s):
Chlorinated Pesticides
Organochlorine Insecticides
Organochlorine Pesticides
Descriptor Spanish: Insecticidas Organoclorados
Entry term(s):
Pesticidas Clorados
Pesticidas Organoclorados
Plaguicidas Clorados
Plaguicidas Organoclorados
Descriptor Portuguese: Inseticidas Organoclorados
Entry term(s):
Pesticidas Clorados
Pesticidas Organoclorados
Praguicidas Clorados
Praguicidas Organoclorados
Descriptor French: Insecticides Organochlorés

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Descriptor English: Insecticide Resistance
Entry term(s):
Insecticide Resistances
Resistance, Insecticide
Resistances, Insecticide
Descriptor Spanish: Resistencia a los Insecticidas
Entry term(s):
Resistencia a Insecticidas
Descriptor Portuguese: Resistência a Inseticidas
Descriptor French: Résistance aux insecticides

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Descriptor English: Cholinesterase Reactivators
Entry term(s):
Antagonists, Organophosphate Insecticide
Antagonists, Organothiophosphate Insecticide
Insecticide Antagonists, Organophosphate
Insecticide Antagonists, Organothiophosphate
Insecticides, Organophosphate, Antagonists
Insecticides, Organothiophosphate, Antagonists
Organophosphate Insecticide Antagonists
Organothiophosphate Insecticide Antagonists
Reactivators, Cholinesterase
Descriptor Spanish: Reactivadores de la Colinesterasa
Entry term(s):
Antagonistas de los Insecticidas de Organofosfato
Antagonistas de los Insecticidas de Organotiofosfato
Antagonistas de los Insecticidas Organofosforados
Antagonistas de los Insecticidas Organotiofosforados
Descriptor Portuguese: Reativadores da Colinesterase
Entry term(s):
Antagonistas dos Inseticidas Organofosforados
Antagonistas dos Inseticidas Organotiofosforados
Descriptor French: Réactivateurs de la cholinestérase
Entry term(s):
Antagonistes des insecticides organophosphorés
Antagonistes des insecticides organothiophosphorés

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Descriptor English: Insecticide-Treated Bednets
Entry term(s):
Bed Net, Insecticide-Treated
Bed Nets, Insecticide-Treated
Bednet, Insecticide-Treated
Bednets, Insecticide-Treated
Insecticide Treated Bed Nets
Insecticide Treated Bednets
Insecticide-Treated Bed Net
Insecticide-Treated Bed Nets
Insecticide-Treated Bednet
Mosquito Net, Treated
Mosquito Nets, Treated
Net, Insecticide-Treated Bed
Net, Treated Mosquito
Nets, Insecticide-Treated Bed
Nets, Treated Mosquito
Treated Mosquito Net
Treated Mosquito Nets
Descriptor Spanish: Mosquiteros Tratados con Insecticida
Descriptor Portuguese: Mosquiteiros Tratados com Inseticida
Entry term(s):
Cortinados Tratados com Inseticida
Descriptor French: Moustiquaires de lit traitées aux insecticides
Entry term(s):
Moustiquaires traitées

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