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Descriptor English: Protective Agents
Entry term(s):
Agent, Protective
Agents, Protective
Drug, Protective
Drugs, Protective
Protective Agent
Protective Drug
Protective Drugs
Descriptor Spanish: Sustancias Protectoras
Entry term(s):
Agente Protector
Agentes de Protección
Agentes Protectores
Fármaco Protector
Descriptor Portuguese: Substâncias Protetoras
Entry term(s):
Agente de Proteção
Agentes de Proteção
Agentes Protetores
Droga Protetora
Drogas Protetoras
Fármaco Protetor
Fármacos Protetores
Medicamento Protetor
Medicamentos Protetores
Substância Protetora
Descriptor French: Agents protecteurs
Entry term(s):
Médicaments de prévention
Médicaments de protection
Médicaments protecteurs

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Descriptor English: Radiation-Protective Agents
Entry term(s):
Agent, Radiation Protective
Agent, Radiation-Protective
Agent, Radioprotective
Agents, Radiation Protective
Agents, Radiation-Protective
Agents, Radioprotective
Drug, Radiation-Protective
Drug, Radioprotective
Drugs, Radiation-Protective
Drugs, Radioprotective
Effect, Radiation-Protective
Effects, Radiation-Protective
Protectant, Radiation
Protectants, Radiation
Protective Agent, Radiation
Protective Agents, Radiation
Radiation Protectant
Radiation Protectants
Radiation Protective Agent
Radiation Protective Agents
Radiation Protective Drug
Radiation Protective Drugs
Radiation Protective Effect
Radiation Protective Effects
Radiation-Protective Agent
Radiation-Protective Drug
Radiation-Protective Drugs
Radiation-Protective Effect
Radiation-Protective Effects
Radioprotective Agent
Radioprotective Agents
Radioprotective Drug
Radioprotective Drugs
Descriptor Spanish: Protectores contra Radiación
Entry term(s):
Agente Protector de Radiación
Agente Radioprotector
Agentes Radioprotectores
Efecto Protector contra Radiación
Fármaco Protector de Radiación
Fármaco Radioprotector
Protector de Radiación
Descriptor Portuguese: Protetores contra Radiação
Entry term(s):
Aentes Radioprotetores
Agente de Proteção contra Radiação
Agente de Proteção contra Radiações
Agente Radioprotetor
Droga Protetora de Radiação
Droga Radioprotetora
Drogas Radioprotetoras
Efeito Protetor contra Radiação
Efeitos Protetores contra Radiação
Protetor contra Radiação
Protetor contra Radiações
Protetor de Radiação
Substância Radioprotetora
Substâncias Radioprotetoras
Descriptor French: Radioprotecteurs
Entry term(s):
Agents radioprotecteurs
Médicaments radioprotecteurs

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