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Descriptor English: Serotonin Agents
Entry term(s):
Agents, Serotonergic
Agents, Serotonin
Drugs, Serotonergic
Drugs, Serotonin
Effect, Serotonin
Effect, Serotoninergic
Effects, Serotonin
Effects, Serotoninergic
Serotonergic Agents
Serotonergic Drugs
Serotonin Drugs
Serotonin Effect
Serotonin Effects
Serotoninergic Effect
Serotoninergic Effects
Descriptor Spanish: Serotoninérgicos
Entry term(s):
Agentes de Serotonina
Efecto Serotoninérgico
Fármacos Serotoninérgicos
Descriptor Portuguese: Serotoninérgicos
Entry term(s):
Agentes Serotoninérgicos
Efeito Serotoninérgico
Fármacos Serotoninérgicos
Descriptor French: Agents sérotoninergiques
Entry term(s):
Médicaments sérotoninergiques

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Descriptor English: Serotonin Antagonists
Entry term(s):
5 HT Antagonist
5 HT Antagonists
5 Hydroxytryptamine Antagonist
5 Hydroxytryptamine Antagonists
5-HT Antagonist
5-HT Antagonists
5-Hydroxytryptamine Antagonist
5-Hydroxytryptamine Antagonists
Agent, Antiserotonergic
Agents, Antiserotonergic
Antagonist, 5-HT
Antagonist, 5-Hydroxytryptamine
Antagonist, Serotonin
Antagonist, Serotonin Receptor
Antagonists, 5 HT
Antagonists, 5 Hydroxytryptamine
Antagonists, 5-HT
Antagonists, 5-Hydroxytryptamine
Antagonists, Serotonin
Antagonists, Serotonin Receptor
Antiserotonergic Agent
Antiserotonergic Agents
Blockader, Serotonin
Blockaders, Serotonin
Blocker, Serotonin Receptor
Blockers, Serotonin Receptor
Receptor Antagonist, Serotonin
Receptor Antagonists, Serotonin
Receptor Blocker, Serotonin
Receptor Blockers, Serotonin
Serotonin Antagonist
Serotonin Blockader
Serotonin Blockaders
Serotonin Receptor Antagonist
Serotonin Receptor Antagonists
Serotonin Receptor Blocker
Serotonin Receptor Blockers
Descriptor Spanish: Antagonistas de la Serotonina
Entry term(s):
Agente Antiserotoninérgico
Agentes Antiserotonérgicos
Antagonista de 5-Hidroxitriptamina
Antagonista de 5-HT
Antagonista de la Serotonina
Antagonista del Receptor de Serotonina
Antagonistas de 5-Hidroxitriptamina
Antagonistas de 5-HT
Bloqueador de la Serotonina
Bloqueador del Receptor de Serotonina
Bloqueadores de la Serotonina
Descriptor Portuguese: Antagonistas da Serotonina
Entry term(s):
Agente Anti-Serotoninérgico
Agente Antisserotonérgico
Agente Antisserotoninérgico
Agentes Antisserotonérgicos
Agentes Antisserotoninérgicos
Antagonista da 5-Hidroxitriptamina
Antagonista da 5-HT
Antagonista da Serotonina
Antagonista de Receptor de Serotonina
Antagonista de Serotonina
Antagonista do Receptor da Serotonina
Antagonista do Receptor de Serotonina
Antagonistas da 5-Hidroxitriptamina
Antagonistas da 5-HT
Antagonistas dos Receptores da Serotonina
Antagonistas dos Receptores para a Serotonina
Antagonistas dos Receptores Serotoninérgicos
Antagonistas Serotoninérgicos
Bloqueador da Serotonina
Bloqueador de Receptor de Serotonina
Bloqueador de Serotonina
Bloqueador do Receptor da Serotonina
Bloqueador do Receptor de Serotonina
Bloqueadores da Serotonina
Bloqueadores dos Receptores da Serotonina
Bloqueadores dos Receptores para a Serotonina
Bloqueadores dos Receptores Serotoninérgicos
Fármaco Anti-Serotoninérgico
Fármaco Antisserotoninérgico
Descriptor French: Antisérotonines
Entry term(s):
Antagonistes 5-HT
Antagonistes de la 5-hydroxytryptamine
Antagonistes de la sérotonine
Antagonistes des récepteurs de la sérotonine
Antagonistes sérotoninergiques

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