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Descriptor English: Vitamins
Entry term(s):
Descriptor Spanish: Vitaminas
Descriptor Portuguese: Vitaminas
Descriptor French: Vitamines

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Descriptor English: Water-Soluble Vitamins
Entry term(s):
Water Soluble Vitamins
Descriptor Spanish: Vitaminas Hidrosolubles
Descriptor Portuguese: Vitaminas Hidrossolúveis
Descriptor French: Vitamines Hydrosolubles

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Descriptor English: Dietary Vitamins
Descriptor Spanish: Vitaminas en la Dieta
Descriptor Portuguese: Vitaminas na Dieta
Descriptor French: Vitamines Alimentaires

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Descriptor English: Fat Soluble Vitamins
Descriptor Spanish: Vitaminas Liposolubles
Descriptor Portuguese: Vitaminas Lipossolúveis
Descriptor French: Vitamines Liposolubles

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Descriptor English: Vitamin B Complex
Entry term(s):
B Vitamin
B Vitamins
Vitamin, B
Descriptor Spanish: Complejo Vitamínico B
Entry term(s):
Vitamina B
Descriptor Portuguese: Complexo Vitamínico B
Entry term(s):
Vitamina B
Vitaminas B
Descriptor French: Complexe vitaminique B
Entry term(s):
Vitamines B

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Descriptor English: Drugs on Basis of Vitamins and Minerals
Descriptor Spanish: Medicamentos a base de Vitaminas y Minerales
Descriptor Portuguese: Medicamentos à Base de Vitaminas e Minerais
Descriptor French: Médicaments Fondés sur des Vitamines ou des Minéraux

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