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Descriptor English: Contrast Media
Entry term(s):
Agent, Contrast
Agent, Radiocontrast
Agents, Contrast
Agents, Radiocontrast
Contrast Agent
Contrast Agents
Contrast Material
Contrast Materials
Material, Contrast
Materials, Contrast
Media, Contrast
Media, Radiocontrast
Media, Radiopaque
Radiocontrast Agent
Radiocontrast Agents
Radiocontrast Media
Radiopaque Media
Descriptor Spanish: Medios de Contraste
Entry term(s):
Agente de Contraste
Material de Contraste
Medio de Contraste
Medios Radioopacos
Descriptor Portuguese: Meios de Contraste
Entry term(s):
Agente de Contraste
Material de Contraste
Meio de Contraste
Meio Radiopaco
Meios Radiopacos
Descriptor French: Produits de contraste
Entry term(s):
Agents de contraste
Agents de radiocontraste
Agents radio-opacifiants
Produits de radiocontraste
Produits radio-opaques
Substances de radiocontraste

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Descriptor English: Extravasation of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Materials
Entry term(s):
Contrast Media Extravasation
Extravasation of Contrast Media
Extravasation of Diagnostic, Therapeutic Materials
Descriptor Spanish: Extravasación de Materiales Terapéuticos y Diagnósticos
Entry term(s):
Extravasación de Medios de Contraste
Descriptor Portuguese: Extravasamento de Materiais Terapêuticos e Diagnósticos
Entry term(s):
Extravasamento de Meios de Contraste
Descriptor French: Extravasation de produits diagnostiques ou thérapeutiques
Entry term(s):
Extravasation de produit de contraste

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Descriptor English: Ioxaglic Acid
Entry term(s):
Ioxaglate Meglumine
Ioxaglate Sodium
Ioxaglate, Methylglucamine
Ioxaglic Acid Monosodium Salt
Ioxaglic Acid, Calcium Salt (2:1)
Meglumine, Ioxaglate
Methylglucamine Ioxaglate
P-286 (Contrast Media)
P286 (Contrast Media)
Descriptor Spanish: Ácido Yoxáglico
Entry term(s):
Yoxaglato de Meglumina
Yoxaglato de Sodio
Descriptor Portuguese: Ácido Ioxáglico
Entry term(s):
Ioxaglato de Meglumina
Ioxaglato de Sódio
Descriptor French: Acide ioxaglique
Entry term(s):
Ioxaglate de méglumine
Ioxaglate de méthylglucamine
Ioxaglate de sodium

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