DeCS exclusive categories

The SP – Public Health was incorporated by BIREME in 1986 along with the creation of the DeCS, aiming to better represent Latin American and Caribbean literature on the subject. It gathers almost 3000 concepts.

The HP – Homeopathy category, created in 1991 with the collaboration of specialists from the Paulista Association of Homeopathy (APH), brings together more than 1,900 concepts.

The SH – Science and Health category – Science and Health, created in 2005 in partnership with PAHO/IKM/RC (Area of ​​Information and Knowledge Management/Promotion and Development of Research), brings together almost 330 concepts.

The VS – Health Surveillance category – Health Surveillance, created in 2005 in partnership with the National Health Surveillance System, under the responsibility of the Technical-Scientific Knowledge Management Management – GETEC, General Management of Knowledge and Documentation Management of ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) from the Ministry of Health, Brazil), brings together exactly 820 concept records.

The MT category – Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine was created in 2022 as an initiative of the TCIM Americas Network, which sought to reflect in its subcategories the same thematic structure used in the VHL TCIM. It started with more than 110 concepts.

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