Descripteur en français: Microglie
Descripteur en anglais: Microglia
Descripteur en espagnol: Microglía
Descripteur en portugais: Microglia
Synonymes: Cellule microgliale
Cellules microgliales
Code(s) d'arborescence: A08.637.400
Identificateur unique RDF:
Note d'application: The third type of glial cell, along with astrocytes and oligodendrocytes (which together form the macroglia). Microglia vary in appearance depending on developmental stage, functional state, and anatomical location; subtype terms include ramified, perivascular, ameboid, resting, and activated. Microglia clearly are capable of phagocytosis and play an important role in a wide spectrum of neuropathologies. They have also been suggested to act in several other roles including in secretion (e.g., of cytokines and neural growth factors), in immunological processing (e.g., antigen presentation), and in central nervous system development and remodeling.
Qualificatifs autorisés: CH composition chimique
CL classification
CY cytologie
DE effets des médicaments et des substances chimiques
EN enzymologie
IM immunologie
ME métabolisme
MI microbiologie
PA anatomopathologie
PH physiologie
PS parasitologie
RE effets des radiations
TR transplantation
UL ultrastructure
VI virologie
Identifiant DeCS: 31306
ID du Descripteur: D017628
Documents indexés dans la Biblioteque Virtuelle de Santé (BVS): Cliquez ici pour accéder aux documents VHL
Date d'établissement: 01/01/1994
Date d'entrée: 18/06/1993
Date de révision: 16/01/2020
Microglie - Concept préféré
Concept UI M0026694
Terme préféré Microglie
Synonymes Cellule microgliale
Cellules microgliales

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