Descripteur en français: Médicaments Phytothérapeutiques
Descripteur en anglais: Phytotherapeutic Drugs
Descripteur en espagnol: Medicamentos Fitoterápicos
Descripteur en portugais: Medicamentos Fitoterápicos
Code(s) d'arborescence: VS2.002.001.005
Note d'application: Those drugs obtained by appropriate technical process, using only raw material from vegetables, with prophylactic, curative, palliative or diagnostic purposes. They are characterized by knowledge of the effectiveness and risks of its use, as well as the reproducibility and consistency of its quality. Drugs that include in their composition isolated active substances from any source, or their association with plant extracts are not considered phytotherapeutic.
Identifiant DeCS: 51441
ID du Descripteur: DDCS051441
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Médicaments Phytothérapeutiques - Concept préféré
Concept UI FD00061636
Terme préféré Médicaments Phytothérapeutiques

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