2022 Deleted Descriptors

Download here the PDF with the Deleted Descriptors in 2022.

DELETED – 2022
Subcategory Descriptor
SP8 Accidents and Events with Hazardous Materials
SP9 Actes de la Constitution
SP8 Adjacent Slopes
SP8 Affectable Agent
SP4 Air Chemistry
SP8 Air Masses
SP6 Alternative Feeding
SP8 Annual Flood
SP8 Anticyclone
SP8 Arithmetic Growth
SP8 Aseismic Zone
SP8 Atmospheric Disturbance
SP8 Atmospheric Front
SP8 Atmospheric Instability
SP8 Backwater
SP8 Biological Accidents and Events
SP8 Body Wave
SP8 Buildings Destruction
SP8 Chemical Accidents and Events
SP8 Cirrocumulus
SP8 Cirrostratus
SP8 Cirrus
SP4 Cisterns
SP8 Cold Front
SP8 Combustion Products
SP5 Composite Indicators
SP8 Continental Anticyclone
SP8 Continental Drift
SP8 Continental Plate
SP8 Continental Slope
SP4 Continue Recirculation
SP8 Controlled Zone
SP8 Convective Activity
SP8 Counterforce Attack to Military Installations
SP8 Countervalue Attack
SP4 Crossed Installations
SP8 Cyclogenesis
SP8 Damage To Production System
SP8 Deflation
SP8 Delta
SP8 Denudation
SP8 Dew Point Temperature
SP8 Direct Parameters
SP8 Disaster Development Speed
SP8 Disaster Path
SP5 Dissimilarity Index
SP8 Downpour
SP8 Emersion
SP8 End of Emergency
SP8 Exceedance Probability
SP8 Exhaust Fans
SP8 Exponential Growth
SP8 Exposed System
SP8 Exxon Valdez Spill
SP8 Eye of the Storm
SP8 Fault Plane
SP2 Femininity Complex
SP8 Fire Theory
SP8 Fire Triangle
SP8 Fireproof Material
SP8 Flame
SP8 Flash Flood
SP8 Flood Alarm Level
SP8 Flood Wave
SP8 Flood-Tide
SP8 Formulation and Canning of Detergents and Disinfectants
SP8 Formulation and Canning of Pesticides
SP8 Formulation and Canning of Substances, Products and Materials
SP8 Geothermal Gradient
SP8 Glowing Avalanche
SP4 Gradually Varied Flow
SP8 Hazardous Materials Spill in Soil
SP8 Hazardous Materials Spill in the Ocean
SP5 Health Expectancy
SP4 Heat Loss (Environmental Health)
SP8 Heat Transference
SP4 Heavy Equipment
SP8 High Pressure
SP8 Hot Front
SP8 Hydrocarbon Transportation
SP8 Hydrologic Region
SP8 Hydrometric Station
SP8 Ice Break Up
SP8 Ice Storm
SP8 Impact Production
SP8 Incompatible Waste
SP8 Indirect Parameters
SP5 Inequity Concentration Index
SP4 Inorganic Tracers
SP8 Internal Mechanisms of Disasters Production
SP8 Interrelation by Hazard
SP8 Interrelation by Negative Effects
SP8 Ionosphere
SP8 Isobar
SP8 Isogram
SP8 Isohyet
SP8 Isoseismal
SP8 Isotach
SP8 Kiloton
SP4 Land Restoration
SP9 Legal Consolidation
SP4 Linings
SP8 Lithosphere
SP4 Local Building Material
SP8 Margin
SP8 Marine and Terrestrial Jurisdiction
SP8 Marine Storm
SP8 Maximum Probable Flood
SP8 Meander
SP8 Meteosat
SP4 Military Activities
SP4 Mobile Plants
SP4 Mobile Unit for Water Quality Control
SP8 Monitoring
SP8 Nautical Chart
SP8 Nephanalysis
SP4 Nitration
SP9 Nominal Health Coverage
SP8 Non Flammable or Delaying Materials
SP4 Non-Renewable Energy Resources
SP4 Non-Structural Flood Mitigation
SP8 Nuclear Activity
SP8 Nuclear Emergency Control Center
SP8 Nuclear Fuel
SP8 Nuclear Reaction
SP8 Occluded Front
SP8 Oceanic Flow
SP8 Oceanic Plate
SP8 Oceanic Slope
SP8 Oceanographic Survey
SP9 Official Abstract as Subject
SP8 Offshore Wind
SP8 Onshore Wind
SP3 Open Population
SP4 Outdoor Air
SP4 Outfalls
SP8 Overspill
SP8 Paragrapher
SP8 Peniseismic Zone
SP4 Percussion Drilling
SP4 Pneumoconiogenic Particles
SP8 Point Source Storm
SP8 Polar Front
SP8 Polder
SP8 Precipitation Types
SP4 Press Filters
SP8 Processing Centre
SP8 Protrusive Dome
SP8 Radioactive Confinement
SP8 Rappel Descent
SP3 Rates, Ratios and Proportions
SP8 Refining
SP8 Rights of Special Groups
SP8 Roller
SP4 Rotary Drilling
SP8 Satellite Applications
SP8 Sealed Radioactive Source
SP8 Self Building
SP8 Semi-Permanent Anticyclone
SP3 Separatism
SP8 Slip Erosion
SP5 Slope Index of Inequality
SP4 Soft Equipment
SP8 Soil Depression
SP8 Solfatara
SP8 Sonic Explosion
SP4 Spare Parts
SP6 Staple Food
SP8 Stratosphere
SP8 Stratovolcano
SP8 Submarine Canyon
SP8 Subprogram of Aid
SP8 Substances, Products and Materials Transportation
SP4 Subsurface Wastewater Injection
SP8 Subtropical Anticyclone
SP8 Surface Waves
SP8 Thermosphere
SP8 Tidal Station
SP8 Tide Flow
SP8 Toxicity Pathways
SP5 Tracer Indicators
SP8 Trade Wind
SP8 Transition Zone
SP8 Tropical Depression
SP8 Tropical Wave
SP8 Types of Fire
SP8 Types of Radiation
SP8 Types of Radiation Effects
SP8 Undertow
SP8 Upwelling
SP4 Urban Drainage Master Plan
SP8 Use of Radiation in Energy
SP8 Use of Radiation on Industry
SP8 Various Gases Transportation
SP8 Vehicle Check
SP8 Volcanic Seism Type A
SP8 Volcanic Seism Type B
SP8 Water Current Meter
SP8 Weather Front

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