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Descriptor English: Anesthetics, Dissociative
Entry term(s):
Dissociative Anesthetics
Descriptor Spanish: Anestésicos Disociativos
Descriptor Portuguese: Anestésicos Dissociativos
Descriptor French: Anesthésiques dissociatifs

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Descriptor English: Anesthetics, Local
Entry term(s):
Anesthetic, Local
Anesthetics, Conduction Blocking
Anesthetics, Conduction-Blocking
Anesthetics, Topical
Conduction Blocking Anesthetics
Conduction-Blocking Anesthetics
Local Anesthetic
Local Anesthetics
Topical Anesthetics
Descriptor Spanish: Anestésicos Locales
Entry term(s):
Anestésicos Bloqueantes de Condución
Descriptor Portuguese: Anestésicos Locais
Entry term(s):
Anestésico Local
Anestésicos Bloqueadores de Condução
Anestésicos Tópicos
Descriptor French: Anesthésiques locaux
Entry term(s):
Anesthésique local
Anesthésiques bloquant la conduction nerveuse

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Descriptor English: Anesthetics, Combined
Entry term(s):
Combined Anesthetics
Descriptor Spanish: Anestésicos Combinados
Descriptor Portuguese: Anestésicos Combinados
Descriptor French: Anesthésiques combinés
Entry term(s):
Mélanges anesthésiques
Mélanges d'anesthésiques

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Descriptor English: Anesthetics, General
Entry term(s):
Anesthetic, General
General Anesthetic
General Anesthetics
Descriptor Spanish: Anestésicos Generales
Entry term(s):
Anestésico General
Descriptor Portuguese: Anestésicos Gerais
Entry term(s):
Anestésico Geral
Descriptor French: Anesthésiques généraux
Entry term(s):
Anesthésique général

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Descriptor English: Anesthetics, Intravenous
Entry term(s):
Anesthetic, Intravenous
Intravenous Anesthetic
Intravenous Anesthetics
Descriptor Spanish: Anestésicos Intravenosos
Entry term(s):
Anestésico Intravenoso
Descriptor Portuguese: Anestésicos Intravenosos
Entry term(s):
Anestésico Intravenoso
Anestésicos Endovenosos
Descriptor French: Anesthésiques intraveineux
Entry term(s):
Agents anesthésiques par voie intraveineuse
Anesthésiques intra-veineux
Anesthésiques par voie intraveineuse

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Descriptor English: Anesthetics, Inhalation
Entry term(s):
Anesthetic Gases
Anesthetic, Inhalation
Gases, Anesthetic
Inhalation Anesthetic
Inhalation Anesthetics
Descriptor Spanish: Anestésicos por Inhalación
Entry term(s):
Anestésico por Inhalación
Descriptor Portuguese: Anestésicos Inalatórios
Entry term(s):
Analgesia Inalatória
Anestésico Inalatório
Descriptor French: Anesthésiques par inhalation
Entry term(s):
Agents anesthésiques par inhalation
Agents anesthésiques par voie inhalatoire
Gaz anesthésique
Gaz anesthésiques

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Descriptor English: Anesthetics
Entry term(s):
Agents, Anesthetic
Anesthetic Agents
Anesthetic Drugs
Anesthetic Effect
Anesthetic Effects
Drugs, Anesthetic
Effect, Anesthetic
Effects, Anesthetic
Descriptor Spanish: Anestésicos
Entry term(s):
Descriptor Portuguese: Anestésicos
Entry term(s):
Efeito Anestésico
Efeitos Anestésicos
Descriptor French: Anesthésiques
Entry term(s):
Agents anesthésiques
Médicaments anesthésiques
Produits anesthésiants

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Descriptor English: Lidocaine, Prilocaine Drug Combination
Entry term(s):
EMLA Cream
Eutectic Lidocaine Prilocaine
Eutectic Lidocaine-Prilocaine
Eutectic Mixture of Local Anesthetics
Lidocaine Prilocaine
Lidocaine Prilocaine Drug Combination
Lidocaine-Prilocaine Drug Combination
Lidocaine-Prilocaine, Eutectic
Prilocaine, Lidocaine
PSD 502
Topical Eutectic Like Mixture for Premature Ejaculation
Topical Eutectic-Like Mixture for Premature Ejaculation
Descriptor Spanish: Combinación Lidocaína y Prilocaína
Entry term(s):
Combinación Lidocaína-Prilocaina
Crema EMLA
Eutéctica Lidocaína y Prilocaína
Eutéctica Lidocaína-Prilocaína
Lidocaína Prilocaína
Mezcla Eutéctica de Anestésicos Locales
Mezcla Eutéctica Tópica para la Eyaculación Precoz
PSD 502
Descriptor Portuguese: Combinação Lidocaína e Prilocaína
Entry term(s):
EMLA Creme
Lidocaína Prilocaína
Mistura Eutética de Lidocaína-Prilocaína
Mistura Tópica Semelhante a Eutética para Ejaculação Precoce
PSD 502
Descriptor French: Association de lidocaïne et de prilocaïne
Entry term(s):
Association de prilocaïne et de lidocaïne
Association lidocaïne et prilocaïne
Association prilocaïne et lidocaïne
Mélange eutectique d'anesthésiques locaux
Mélange eutectique de lidocaïne et de prilocaïne

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