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Descriptor English: Deep Eutectic Solvents
Entry term(s):
Deep Eutectic Mixtures
Eutectic Mixtures, Deep
Eutectic Solvents, Deep
Mixtures, Deep Eutectic
Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents
Solvents, Deep Eutectic
Descriptor Spanish: Disolventes Eutécticos Profundos
Entry term(s):
Disolventes Eutécticos Profundos Naturales
Mezclas Eutécticas Profundas
Descriptor Portuguese: Solventes Eutéticos Profundos
Entry term(s):
Misturas Eutéticas Profundas
Solventes Eutéticos Profundos Naturais
Descriptor French: Solvants eutectiques profonds
Entry term(s):
Mélanges eutectiques profonds
Solvants eutectiques profonds naturels

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Descriptor English: Ionic Liquids
Entry term(s):
Ionic Liquid
Ionic Solvents
Liquid, Ionic
Liquids, Ionic
Descriptor Spanish: Líquidos Iónicos
Entry term(s):
Liquido Iónico
Solventes Iónicos
Descriptor Portuguese: Líquidos Iônicos
Entry term(s):
Líquido Iônico
Solventes Iônicos
Descriptor French: Liquides ioniques

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Descriptor English: Solvents
Entry term(s):
Descriptor Spanish: Solventes
Entry term(s):
Descriptor Portuguese: Solventes
Entry term(s):
Descriptor French: Solvants
Entry term(s):
Agents solvants

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