Descriptor English: Snow
Descriptor Spanish: Nieve
Descriptor nieve
Scope note: Cristales de agua helada que caen de la ATMÓSFERA.
Descriptor Portuguese: Neve
Descriptor French: Neige
Entry term(s): Blizzard
Tree number(s): G16.500.175.867
RDF Unique Identifier:
Scope note: Frozen water crystals that fall from the ATMOSPHERE.
Allowable Qualifiers: CH chemistry
MI microbiology
PS parasitology
VI virology
Public MeSH Note: 91; was see under WEATHER 1975-90
Online Note: search WEATHER 1969-74
History Note: 91(75); was see under WEATHER 1975-90
DeCS ID: 13295
Unique ID: D012914
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Date Established: 1991/01/01
Date of Entry: 1999/01/01
Revision Date: 2016/06/23
Snow - Preferred
Concept UI M0019992
Scope note Frozen water crystals that fall from the ATMOSPHERE.
Preferred term Snow
Entry term(s) Snows
Blizzard - Narrower
Concept UI M0521336
Scope note Weather event lasting 3 hours or more, with sustained winds or frequent wind gusts 35 mph or higher, and visibility frequently below 1/4 mile. There is falling snow amd blowing snow or may be blowing snow alone.
Preferred term Blizzard
Entry term(s) Blizzards

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