Descriptor English: Eukaryota
Descriptor Spanish: Eucariontes
Descriptor Portuguese: Eucariotos
Descriptor French: Eucaryotes
Entry term(s): Eukaryota
Tree number(s): B01
RDF Unique Identifier:
Scope note: One of the three domains of life (the others being BACTERIA and ARCHAEA), also called Eukarya. These are organisms whose cells are enclosed in membranes and possess a nucleus. They comprise almost all multicellular and many unicellular organisms, and are traditionally divided into groups (sometimes called kingdoms) including ANIMALS; PLANTS; FUNGI; and various algae and other taxa that were previously part of the old kingdom Protista.
Annotation: do not confuse with EUKARYOTIC CELLS; specific algae and protozoa are located under various groups treed under Eukaryota
Allowable Qualifiers: CH composition chimique
CL classification
CY cytologie
DE effets des médicaments et des substances chimiques
EN enzymologie
GD croissance et développement
GE génétique
IM immunologie
IP isolement et purification
ME métabolisme
PH physiologie
PY pathogénicité
RE effets des radiations
UL ultrastructure
VI virologie
DeCS ID: 53436
Unique ID: D056890
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Date Established: 2010/01/01
Date of Entry: 2009/07/06
Revision Date: 2010/06/25
Eucaryotes - Preferred
Concept UI M0533154
Preferred term Eucaryotes
Entry term(s) Eukaryota

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