Descripteur en français: Rapport technique
Descripteur en anglais: Technical Report
Descripteur en espagnol: Informe Técnico
Descripteur en portugais: Relatório Técnico
Code(s) d'arborescence: V02.935
Identificateur unique RDF:
Note d'application: Work consisting of a formal report giving details of the investigation and results of a medical or other scientific problem. When issued by a government agency or comparable official body, its contents may be classified, unclassified, or declassified with regard to security clearance. This publication type may also cover a scientific paper or article that records the current state or current position of scientific research and development. If so labeled by the editor or publisher, this publication type may be properly used for journal articles.
Note d'indexation: this heading is used as a Publication Type
Identifiant DeCS: 29649
ID du Descripteur: D016427
Documents indexés dans la Biblioteque Virtuelle de Santé (BVS): Cliquez ici pour accéder aux documents VHL
Date d'établissement: 01/01/1996
Date d'entrée: 23/06/1995
Date de révision: 03/07/2012
Rapport technique - Concept préféré
Concept UI M0025116
Terme préféré Rapport technique

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