Descriptor English: Steam Bath
Descriptor Spanish: Baño de Vapor
Descriptor baño de vapor
Entry term(s) baño finlandés
baño turco
baños finlandeses
sauna finlandesa
Scope note: Tratamiento que consiste en sentarse en una habitación con vapor caliente seguido de un baño o ducha con agua fría.
Descriptor Portuguese: Banho a Vapor
Descriptor French: Bain de vapeur
Entry term(s): Bath, Finnish
Bath, Steam
Baths, Finnish
Finnish Bath
Finnish Sauna
Lodge, Sweat
Sweat Lodge
Tree number(s): E02.056.902
RDF Unique Identifier:
Scope note: Therapy of sitting in a hot steamy room followed by a cool bath or shower.
Allowable Qualifiers: AE adverse effects
CL classification
EC economics
ES ethics
HI history
IS instrumentation
MO mortality
MT methods
NU nursing
PX psychology
SN statistics & numerical data
ST standards
TD trends
VE veterinary
Previous Indexing: Baths, Finnish (1963-2001)
Public MeSH Note: 2002; use Baths, Finnish (1963-2001)
History Note: 2002; see Baths, Finnish (1963-2001)
DeCS ID: 1515
Unique ID: D029002
NLM Classification: WB 525
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Date Established: 2002/01/01
Date of Entry: 2001/07/25
Revision Date: 2015/06/26
Steam Bath - Preferred
Concept UI M0383599
Scope note Therapy of sitting in a hot steamy room followed by a cool bath or shower.
Preferred term Steam Bath
Entry term(s) Bath, Steam
Sweat Lodge - Narrower
Concept UI M0383602
Scope note A small hut of reeds covered with blankets used by Native American cultures. People sit around the edges and hot rocks are placed in the center and water sprinkled to create hot steam. Exiting into a cold stream completes the treatment.
Preferred term Sweat Lodge
Entry term(s) Lodge, Sweat
Baths, Finnish - Narrower
Concept UI M0002229
Scope note A steam bath in a small wooden room where water is thrown on a stove or rocks to create the steam. A cool bath or shower completes the treatment.
Preferred term Baths, Finnish
Entry term(s) Bath, Finnish
Finnish Bath
Finnish Sauna

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