Descriptor English: Solid Waste Storage
Descriptor Spanish: Almacenamiento de Residuos Sólidos
Descriptor almacenamiento de residuos sólidos
Entry term(s) estaciones de transferencia
estación de transferencia
plantas de transferencia
puntos de transferencia
Descriptor Portuguese: Armazenamento de Resíduos Sólidos
Descriptor French: Stockage des Déchets Solides
Entry term(s): Transfer Plants
Transfer Points
Transfer Station
Transfer Stations
Tree number(s): SP4.895.141.801.110
Related: Collection Routes DeCS
Solid Waste Discharge DeCS
Solid Waste Recipients DeCS
Solid Waste Transport DeCS
Urban Cleaning DeCS
DeCS ID: 24955
Unique ID: DDCS024955
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Solid Waste Storage - Preferred
Concept UI FD00057971
Preferred term Solid Waste Storage
Transfer Station - Related but not broader or narrower
Concept UI FD00064905
Scope note A place where the solid waste is accumulated before it is transport to disposal places or treatment stations.
Preferred term Transfer Station
Entry term(s) Transfer Plants
Transfer Points
Transfer Stations

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