Descriptor in English: Occupational Health
Descriptor in Spanish: Salud Laboral
Descriptor in Portuguese: Saúde do Trabalhador
Descriptor in French: Santé au travail
Entry term(s): Employee Health
Health, Employee
Health, Industrial
Health, Occupational
Hygiene, Industrial
Industrial Health
Industrial Hygiene
Occupational Safety
Safety, Occupational
Tree number(s): N01.400.525
Scope note: The promotion and maintenance of physical and mental health in the work environment.
Annotation: "promotion & maintenance of physical & mental health in the work environment": do not confuse with OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE (the specialty) or OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SERVICES; note X ref OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY which is GEN only: do not use as coord for safety in an industrial milieu ( = SAFETY + specific indust or occup heading); DF: OCCUP HEALTH
Allowable Qualifiers: CL classification
EC economics
ED education
EH ethnology
ES ethics
HI history
LJ legislation & jurisprudence
SN statistics & numerical data
ST standards
TD trends
History Note: 91
See also the descriptors: Industrial Safety DeCS
Industrial Sanitation DeCS
OHSAS 18000 DeCS
Occupational Risks DeCS
Working Conditions DeCS
DeCS UI: 29064
Descriptor UI: D016272
Date Established: 1991/01/01
Date of Entry: 1990/05/29
Revision Date: 2018/06/29
Occupational Health - Preferred
Concept UI M0024870
Scope note The promotion and maintenance of physical and mental health in the work environment.
Preferred term Occupational Health
Entry term(s) Health, Occupational
Industrial Hygiene - Narrower
Concept UI M0024869
Preferred term Industrial Hygiene
Entry term(s) Health, Industrial
Hygiene, Industrial
Industrial Health
Safety, Occupational - Narrower
Concept UI M0024871
Preferred term Safety, Occupational
Entry term(s) Occupational Safety
Employee Health - Narrower
Concept UI M0024868
Preferred term Employee Health
Entry term(s) Health, Employee

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