Descriptor English: Wastewater Disposal
Descriptor Spanish: Eliminación de Aguas Residuales
Descriptor eliminación de aguas residuales
Entry term(s) evacuación de aguas residuales
Scope note: Acción de eliminar las aguas residuales utilizando cualquier método.
Descriptor Portuguese: Eliminação de Águas Residuárias
Descriptor French: Élimination des Eaux Usées
Entry term(s): Wastewater Discharge
Tree number(s): SP4.606.806.945.750.207.599
Scope note: The disposal of wastewater by any method.
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Hazardous Waste Disposal DeCS
Sewage MeSH
Sewerage DeCS
Subfluvial Outfalls DeCS
DeCS ID: 32396
Unique ID: DDCS032396
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Wastewater Disposal - Preferred
Concept UI FD00060354
Scope note The disposal of wastewater by any method.
Preferred term Wastewater Disposal
Entry term(s) Wastewater Discharge

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