Descriptor English: Postpartum Period
Descriptor Spanish: Periodo Posparto
Descriptor período posparto
Entry term(s) período postparto
Scope note: En las hembras, período que ocurre poco después de haber dado a luz (ALUMBRAMIENTO).
Descriptor Portuguese: Período Pós-Parto
Descriptor French: Période du postpartum
Entry term(s): Period, Postpartum
Postpartum Women
Women, Postpartum
Tree number(s): G08.686.702
RDF Unique Identifier:
Scope note: In females, the period that is shortly after giving birth (PARTURITION).
Annotation: human & animal; qualif permitted as for PREGNANCY; check the tag FEMALE: Manual 18.4.3; puerperal psychoses = PUERPERAL DISORDERS (IM) + PSYCHOTIC DISORDERS (IM); "postpartum amenorrhea" is indexed under PUERPERIUM (IM) + AMENORRHEA (IM) & not LACTATION unless lactation is particularly discussed
Allowable Qualifiers: BL blood
CF cerebrospinal fluid
DE drug effects
EH ethnology
ES ethics
GE genetics
IM immunology
ME metabolism
PH physiology
PX psychology
RE radiation effects
UR urine
Previous Indexing: Puerperium (1965-2004)
Public MeSH Note: 2005; see PUERPERIUM 1980-2004
History Note: 2005
DeCS ID: 38861
Unique ID: D049590
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Date Established: 2005/01/01
Date of Entry: 2004/07/07
Revision Date: 2008/07/08
Postpartum Period - Preferred
Concept UI M0466105
Scope note In females, the period that is shortly after giving birth (PARTURITION).
Preferred term Postpartum Period
Entry term(s) Period, Postpartum
Postpartum Women - Related but not broader or narrower
Concept UI M0018115
Preferred term Postpartum Women
Entry term(s) Women, Postpartum
Puerperium - Narrower
Concept UI M0466106
Scope note A period after PARTURITION, from the time of giving BIRTH to the complete involution of the UTERUS to its pre-pregnant state. Puerperium generally lasts about six to eight weeks.
Preferred term Puerperium

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